Brainercize™: Live

Remembercize   Imagercize   Sensercize 

Limbercize   Movercize   Mirrorcize 

The system of exercises we have developed for adults in the Brainercize™ series are organized around the following functions of the brain: memory (Rememberercize) , imagination (Imagercize), the five senses (Sensercize), emotions (Limbercize), and movement (Movercize). Because the brain for young children is structurally different than for adults, and thus their learning needs are different, there is an additional category for them: imitation (Mirrorcize). Classes for both adults and children are based on these categories of brain stimulation. Adult classes are one hour. Children’s classes are 45 minutes.

The Intensive Brainercize™ classes address specific brain templates that create dysfunctions that we generally experience as psychological in origin: fear and anxiety; depression; temper; worry and obsessiveness; impulsivity. In the Intensive classes, we learn which part of the brain is correlated with which dysfunction.

Each month we offer an extended class called Brainathon. It lasts 3 hours.

Each class also provides essential information on how to continue your Brainercize™ program at home. Topics such as brain nutrient supplementation, brain voyaging and brain dreaming are covered in short but informative talks.

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