Class Location and Times

Services provided are individual sessions and classes in mental fitness, psychological counseling, cognitive therapy and modern psychoanalysis.

Brainercize for children is currently available at Zipi’s ART Studio for KIDS (located at 255 18th Street, South Slope, Brooklyn, NY). In these specialized classes, through both learning about and creating art, all functions of the brain/psyche/mind are stimulated, activated, engaged, and allowed to find artistic representation.

Under the skillful guidance of Zipi Green — the first certitifed practitioner of the Brainercize Method for children — students are moved through each of the steps that represent a full Brainercize experience: Remembercize (memory); Imagercize (imagination); Sensercize (the senses); Limbercize (emotions); Movercize (movement); and Mirrorcize (mirroring, specific to Brainercize’s children’s programs). This is a comprehensive brain-building, emotionally-balancing experience.

Each class begins with a presentation about the work of a chosen artist. The class discusses how they would like to create works that parallel and reflect the artist’s work (Mirrorcize: imitation). Mediums, methods and techniques of that artist are discussed, as Zipi engages the children in dialogue about how they want to implement their unique interpretation of the artist (Imagercize: imagination). The children then move around the studio, looking at the raw materials available for the class (Movercize: movement), and, finally, they take their places at tables. As the children proceed in creating their masterpieces, they both look at, and touch/feel the materials offered, and, when materials are edible, they taste and smell too (Sensercize: stimulation of the five senses).

When the students’ pieces are finished, Zipi engages them in dialogue about how they feel about their final work (Limbercize: emotions) and how it compares to the original from which they fashioned their vision (Remembercize: memory). Students express pride, or disappointment; they may have taken the project as a serious endeavor, or they may have approached the task with light-heartedness. All feelings, and articulation of feelings, are welcome in this environment.

Each series of classes culminates in a group art show.

Classes are currently open for children aged 4-8 years old. Details of upcoming classes can be found HERE.

“Birdie Home” by Mika (Inspired by the work of Charley Harper)
Happy students Brainercizing
Happy students Brainercizing
"Harris's Portrait as a Teenage Girl", by Harris (Inspired by Andy Warhol)
“Harris’s Portrait as a Teenage Girl”, by Harris
(Inspired by Andy Warhol)
Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 3.54.51 PM
Halt! Brainercizing in progress!
"Rainbow Truck" by Mia Dadashev (Inspired by Jackson Pollack)
“Rainbow Truck” by Mia Dadashev
(Inspired by Jackson Pollack)


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