Meet the Founder


The origin of Brainercize™ goes back to the late 1960’s, when Jane G. Goldberg began her graduate studies in psychology at The New School for Social Research, and then completed her work with a Ph.D. in Cognition at City University of New York. Jane worked with giants in the field of cognition, memory and learning: George Sperling, Elizabeth Loftus, Stanley Coren, Stanley Krippner. She then trained to be a psychoanalyst at the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies, also working with imminently prominent analysts: Hyman Spotnitz, Lou Ormont, Phyllis Meadow. Dr. Goldberg has worked professionally as a psychoanalyst since 1978.

As such, she continued her investigations into the nature of mind through the process of the exploration into the inner lives of her patients. Increasingly she became impressed with the complex and fascinating intertwining of mind/body, of brain/mind, of psyche/cognition, of feeling/thought. Dr. Goldberg created the system of improving brain functioning that she calls Brainercize because of her deep desire to help people function at their maximum capacity throughout the entirety of their lives.

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